Thursday, January 14, 2010

John Sickels' Top 20 Rays Prospects

You can view the whole post here, but here's the list:

1) Desmond Jennings, OF, Grade A: Borderline A-, but my gut is saying to be aggressive with this one.

2) Jeremy Hellickson, RHP, Grade A-

3) Wade Davis, RHP, Grade A-

4) Matt Moore, LHP, Grade B+

5) Alexander Colome, RHP, Grade B: borderline B+

6) Reid Brignac, SS, Grade B-

7) Alexander Torres, LHP, Grade B-

8) Tim Beckham, SS, Grade B-

9) Nick Barnese, RHP, Grade B-

10) Wilking Rodriguez, RHP, Grade B-

11) Luke Bailey, C, Grade C+

12) Kyle Lobstein, LHP, Grade C+

13) Aneury Rodriguez, RHP, Grade C+

14) Kyeong Kang, OF, Grade C+

15) Matthew Sweeney, 1B, Grade C+

16) Todd Glaesman, OF, Grade C+

17) Alex Cobb, RHP, Grade C+

18) Jake McGee, LHP, Grade C+:

19) David Newmann, LHP, Grade C+:

20) Matt Gorgen, RHP, Grade C+

Looks like he's pretty high on both of the Rodriguezes. His comment on Jake McGee("he was horrible coming back from Tommy John") is frankly way off base. His strikeout and walk numbers at Charlotte were in line with his career averages, the only difference was a way-inflated hit rate, and considering it was only 22.1 innings, I'll take it with a grain of salt. I certainly don't think he'll get around to the tune of 10.5 hits per 9 innings in 2010.


  1. Why is everyone all over Torres? I thought he had mediocre stuff. Heck, he wasn't ranked this high in the Angels system!

  2. Barnese and Bailey CircusJanuary 14, 2010 at 10:13 AM

    The thing that concerns me about him is that I don`t know many 5 10" 170 lbs. guys in the show. Kaz not withstanding.

  3. I don't get the Torres hype either. Guy's career BB/9 is over 5...

  4. for a guy that most say will be a reliver with a wild high 80's FB, but great offspeed stuff. I agree with you guys whats with the hype?and one injury puts Barnese's durability into question?

  5. Malm was under "others", which I listed as HM (honorable mention) in the summary of lists in the post above this one. IIRC, all of the HM's received a letter grade of C.