Friday, September 18, 2009

2009 Fall Instructional League

Tampa Bay RaysHere is the roster and schedule for the 2009 Fall Instructional League to be held in Florida. Practices have already begun and games begin on September 21 against the Phillies at Tropicana Field. All other home games will be played at Charlotte Sports Park in Port Charlotte.

9/21: vs Phillies
9/22: at Twins
9/23: vs Twins
9/25: at Orioles
9/26: vs Orioles
9/28: at Red Sox
9/29: vs Orioles
10/1: vs Orioles
10/2: at Twins
10/3: at Orioles
10/5: at Red Sox
10/6: vs Orioles
10/8: vs Red Sox
10/9: vs Twins

Chris Andujar (Bowling Green)
Nick Barnese (Hudson Valley)*
Andrew Bellatti (GCL Rays)
Alexander Colome (Hudson Valley)
Joseph Cruz (Hudson Valley)*
Frank De Los Santos (Bowling Green)
Devin Fuller (Hudson Valley)
James Hill (Hudson Valley)
Kevin James (GCL Rays)
Alex Koronis (Princeton)
Victor Mateo (GCL Rays)
Jason McEachern (Hudson Valley)
Matt Moore (Bowling Green)*
David Newmann (Charlotte)
Jacob Partridge (GCL Rays)
Marcus Proctor (GCL Rays)
Wilking Rodriguez (Princeton)
Enny Romero (GCL Rays)
Zach Rosscup (Princeton)
Trevor Shull (Princeton)
Scott Shuman (Princeton)
Matt Swilley (GCL Rays)

Mayobanex Acosta (Hudson Valley)
Jacob Jefferies (Bowling Green)*
Geraldo Olivares (GCL Rays)
Alejandro Segovia (GCL Rays)
Mark Thomas (Hudson Valley)
Alejandro Torres (Princeton)

Tim Beckham (Bowling Green)*
Julio Cedeno (Princeton)
Hector Guevara (VSL Rays)
Jeff Malm (GCL Rays)
Elias Otero (Hudson Valley)*
Cesar Perez
Juniel Querecuto
Leonardo Reginatto (VSL Rays)
Michael Sheridan (Bowling Green)*
Matt Sweeney (Charlotte)

Brian Bryles (Princeton)*
Todd Glaesmann (GCL Rays)
Ty Morrison (Princeton)*
Chris Murrill (Hudson Valley)
Brett Nommensen (Hudson Valley)
Cody Rodgers (Princeton)

* denotes a 2009 Rays Prospects Top Prospect


  1. Do you know what time the games start? Are they late morning? Early afternoon?

  2. Games are scheduled to begin at 1:00 with the exception of both Saturday games (9/26 & 10/3) and the final game (10/9) which will begin at 10:00. Keep in mind the instructional league is geared towards training rather than competition, no score is kept and the games are informal. With that in mind, in the past games have been known to start whenever the away team arrived at the complex rather than when the scheduled start time was listed. Last season I tried to go to a game with a 1:00 start time and the teams were in the eighth inning when I arrived 15 minutes before start time.

  3. No Lobstein, that is very surprising or they just don't want to mess with that potentially special arm.

  4. I know that Kyle Lobstein left home to go to Instructs last week. Must just be a typing mistake.

  5. I did not see Lobstein on the roster. But if he's already left for instructs, thats more reliable than a roster thats subject to change at a moments notice. Just another ace for the already loaded roster.

  6. I will be hitting up the Instructional League tomorrow (they have a workout) and will try to find out if Lobstein is there.

  7. My son is at the instructional leauge and had previously told me that Kyle is there.

  8. Do you guys know who the coaching staff will be for instructs? Thanks!