Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prospect A to Z: Matt Spann

The Rays' 25th-rounder from a Tennessee high school in 2010, Spann followed up a promising debut in the GCL with a nice 2011 season at Princeton. The 6-7/185 lefty was 4-1 with a 3.13 ERA, striking out 61 and walking 18 in 63.1 innings. He also used his downhill plane to his advantage with a 1.76 GO/AO, and held opponents to a .239 average. While the Rays like to take it slow with prospects, Spann might be ready for full-season ball. He's a candidate for the Bowling Green rotation, along with:

Jason McEachern - 2008 high school draftee, pitched at Bowling Green/Hudson Valley
Ryan Carpenter - 2011 college draftee, pitched at Hudson Valley
Andrew Bellatti - 2009 high school draftee, pitched at Hudson Valley
Parker Markel - 2010 junior college draftee, pitched at Hudson Valley
Jacob Partridge - 2009 high school draftee, pitched at Hudson Valley
Jeff Ames - 2011 junior college draftee, pitched at Princeton
Felipe Rivero - 2008 international signee, pitched at Princeton
Brandon Henderson - 2010 high school draftee, pitched at Princeton
Taylor Guerrieri - 2011 high school draftee, did not debut
Grayson Garvin - 2011 college draftee, did not debut

It's a pretty crowded lot. McEachern deserves another shot at Bowling Green, unless his stuff is good enough to skip him, but he's struggled statistically above Hudson Valley. Carpenter and Grayson could both theoretically be skipped up to Charlotte as college guys. Markel is probably a lock for Bowling Green. I see the Rays taking it slowly with Taylor Guerrieri, starting him in extended spring training. Jeff Ames has a nice shot at the Hot Rods unless the Rays fast-track him as a reliever. Partridge and Bellatti seem to have pitched well enough to get their promotion, and it'd be unusual to hold them back in short-season another year. Brandon Henderson will likely follow the Bellatti/Partridge track and pitch at Hudson Valley; he wasn't as good statistically as Spann.

How do you see it shaping up?


  1. Other possible pitchers for the Hot Rods, Mickey Jannis, Robert Dickman, Brooks Belter, Lenny Linskey, Justin Woodall, Jake Flothe, Charlie Cononie, Justin Molina and Roberto Gomez.

  2. Jannis and Belter were released in October.

  3. McEAchern is a tough case ... if he really has "problems" with the pitching coach in A-ball he may even end up in A+?
    I right now have Rivero, Carpenter (A+?), Garvin (A+?), Markel and Bellatti in the BG-rotation for '12. With Partridge, Spann, Kendall, Ames and Hahn also in A-ball, being possibilities for the pen and the rotation.
    I see Guerrieri and Henderson in SS-Ball as well.

  4. Saw Guerrieri during instructs, wasn't very impressed. Out of the high school draft picks I saw throw, I was impressed by Snell and Faria.

  5. what does Stayton Thomas bring to the table
    real good numbers out of the pen

  6. History shows that Carpenter, Linskey and Floethe may start in Port Charlotte rest in Bowling Green! Floethe is very interesting he was never hit hard, gave up many seeing eye grounders, if he increases velocity and better offspeed command which he should to 91-94 he will be very tough, same with Carpenter needs to add 2-3 mph which he will after long college and pro year. Gavin may also end up in Florida along with Dickman and Woodell! Outside chance for Thomas. Bellatti will end up in BG along with Partridge and Mcheachin and probably Markell. I also see a couple of these guys going in a trade next week at the meetings...alot of pitching in this organization to play with...

  7. when are you gonna dpo some important guys?

  8. I like Spann a great deal, he is a laid back & relaxed kid off the mound, but all business when on it. He is one of those that given the right situation could have an impact in a few years.

  9. I really think a lot of people are sleeping on Carpenter, I see a bright future for him and he should be in Charlotte in 2012. Is it really that risky to have Guerreri in Bowling Green? It's just one level higher than pitching only a short season and for a guy who still hasn't debuted, I would really like to see what this guy can do. Garvin could go to Charlotte but I will predict BG for him also.

    Unrelated note, remember when Lobstein was drafted and everyone saw him as a 1st round talent? Well, I know he has fallen off since then, results are fine but his fastball has been MIA, I think we will finally see if he has a major league future or not as he's going to be in Montgomery this year.

  10. Really sorry on how the pacing of these has slowed down, but I promise it'll finish and then we'll do top 15 hitters and pitchers!