Saturday, November 5, 2011

Minor League Free Agents 2011

Three days ago MLB granted free agency to 537 minor leaguers. Baseball America has the complete list.

As usual, there are some hidden gems in there. Lets hope the Rays find some of them as they did with e.g. Russ Canzler last year. Some names that pop out to me at first glance are Manny Corpas (maybe worth a try?), Fernando Cabrera, Jeff Clement (maybe he breaks out), J.R. Towles and Nick Johnson (if there is sth. left in the tank and if healthy). Whom of this list would you like to see in a Rays/Bulls uniform in '12?

Here is the list of the Rays' MiL free agents:

RHP: Brian Baker (AA), Joe Bateman (AAA), Lance Cormier (AA), Richard de los Santos (AAA), Deivis Mavarez (Hi A), Paul Phillips (AA), Adam Russell (AAA), Matt Torra (AAA)
2B: J.J. Furmaniak (AAA)
3B: Daniel Mayora (AAA)
SS: Rey Olmedo (AAA)
OF: John Matulia (AAA)


  1. I would love to give Nick Johnson a chance.He is often hurt, but if healthy, he is a nice 1B/DH option. JR Towles also has nice potential also.Also resign Mayora, Russell,Torra, and possibly Bateman.Those 4 are all nice fillers in the minors and Russell also still has potential. Thats what I would try to do though.

  2. Other interesting options I saw:
    1B:Juan Miranda(as a AAA filler)
    RHP:Kenshin Kawakami(as AAA filler or try him as a reliever)
    Utility:Jorge Cantu
    OF:Willy taveras(He is fast and has had success before)
    LHP:David Purcey(as a reliever)
    1B:John Lindsey(Has had AAA success the last few years, worth a shot in my opinion)
    C:Max Ramirez(used to be a good prospect)
    RHP:Winston Abrue(Of course)

  3. I'd give Clement a minor league invite, why not? I would also try to sign Miranda and Ramirez and keep Russell

  4. Mark Prior, Adam Miller, Jason Bergmann for the bullpen. Maybe one of three stays healthy.

    Ryan Shealy DH.

  5. You are right ... especially Miller, Ramirez (while having a logjam at C ... a post on that is coming today), Purcey, Kawakami. Russel was the most intriguing piece of the Bartlett trade when it happened, so I'm all in for trying him again. And, of course, I love Winston Abreu as well.
    Didn't know about John Lindsey ... the stats are awesome (while in hitter-friendly park, but nonetheless)