Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prospect A to Z: Juniel Querecuto

This post isn't really about Juniel Querecuto, who signed for more than $500,000 in 2009 and hit .241/.292/.303 for Hudson Valley. But shortstop is the Rays deepest position, so I just wanted to stack up how it'll look in 2012:

MLB - Reid Brignac, Sean Rodriguez
AAA - Tim Beckham
AA - Hak-Ju Lee
A+ - Derek Dietrich
A - Juniel Querecuto
SS-A - Jake Hager
Rk-A - Brandon Martin
GCL-A - Draftee

Once you get down to Bowling Green, it's tricky. Does Jake Hager jump up to full-season ball, letting Querecuto repeat Hudson Valley? Also, Derek Dietrich should start the year at shortstop, but does he finish there? What do you guys think?


  1. I have been trying to put together my org chart for next season, and SS is definitely a position of depth

    I've got:
    MLB Rodriguez/Brignac
    AAA Beckham
    AA Lee
    A+ Detrich
    A Motter
    A- Hager
    R+ Martin
    R Draftee

  2. With Lee coming.....Beckham to 2B?

  3. I think Dietrich ends up at 3b next season.. He has a pro bat but needs some defensive flexibility

  4. AAA-Beckham
    A+-Dietrich I guess
    A- Querocuto/Motter
    A- - Hager
    RK(GCL)-Right now, who cares.

  5. Reid Brignac is a waste of a big league spot

  6. I first saw Querecuto as a GCL player a couple years ago and was impressed, and his success at the plate with the jump to HV definitely merits attention. A little erratic as a defender at SS, but still a teenager.

    And I agree with those who believe Dietrich has the bat to get to the ML, but if he is with the Rays then SS may not be his position if/when he gets there.