Thursday, November 17, 2011

John Sickels' Rays Top Prospects

Click for grades and comments, but here's the list:

1. Matt Moore
2. Hak-Ju Lee
3. Alex Torres
4. Alex Colome
5. Taylor Guerrieri
6. Mikie Mahtook
7. Brandon Guyer
8. Parker Markel
9. Ryan Brett
10. Drew Vettleson

11. Chris Archer
12. Enny Romero
13. Tyler Goeddel
14. Jake Hager
15. Tim Beckham
16. Oscar Hernandez
17. Granden Goetzman
18. Tyler Bortnick
19. Felipe Rivero
20. Derek Dietrich

21. Lenny Linsky
22. Nick Barnese
23. Josh Sale
24. Jeff Ames
25. Kes Carter


By the way, the RaysProspects individual lists will be coming out the first full week of December.


  1. matt spann should b on there better season than rivero

  2. wow interesting list. i think your missing a few guys.

  3. This is from John Sickels and MinorLeagueBall

  4. I know. I didn't mean "you" lol

  5. Oscar Hernandez's rank(#16) is very interesting. He calls this rank guesstimate. I hope his gut feeling is right.

  6. he's got some good gut feeling. he said his gut feels like hak ju lee will break out and actually he did.

  7. wow... imma just leave it at that

  8. I just can't understand how even though guys are top round picks, but they have yet to prove themselves how they can be considered a top round guy. It makes no sense. Yea I understand its about their "potential" but dang 2 season and they still haven't done anything you got to be kidding me. Plus sale is 20 already I mean he should be getting to his potential. Im not hating on sale by any means I just don't understand how they pick the top 25 (I say they because I know Rays Prospects didn't make this list)And carter played 2 games, and he certainly didn't WOW me enough in those 2 games to be some super star.

  9. 1. Matt Moore
    2. Hak-Ju Lee
    3. Alex Torres
    4. Alex Colome
    5. Mikie Mahtook
    6. Brandon Guyer
    7. Jason Maeachern
    8. Drew Vettleson
    9. Parker Markel
    10. Ryan Brett

    11. Chris Archer
    12. Enny Romero
    13. Jake Hager
    14. Tim Beckham
    15. Tyler Bortnick
    16. Derek Dietrich
    17. Lenny Linksy (UNBELIEVABLE, should prob be higher)
    18. Taylor Motter (I think you guys forget him)
    19. Steven Tinoco
    20. Jeff Malm (Power)
    21. Oscar Hernandez
    22.Craige Lyerly
    23. Felipe Rivero
    24. Matt Rice
    25. Josh Sale (Just because someone will be mad if I don't put him on here)

    I think this list looks a little better. These guys actually all put up good numbers this year and they all played unlike our just drafted guys. Mahtook was put on the list because he did so well in the AFL.


    I got arguments for each of these guys!

  10. Baseball is a game of opinion, so this list doesn't really mean anything really, just your opinion which is fine. Many good players didn't make the list and that is ok, because this is "your" list not mine or anyone elses.

  11. You have arguments for all of your rankings? Just curious to see what your argument is for leaving Taylor Guerrieri off your list?

  12. heres a group of 15 upper level guys to be watched this up coming season. this is not a ranking just a list.

    Matt Moore
    Stephen Vogt
    Russ Canzler
    Henry Wrigley
    Tim Beckham
    Shawn O'malley
    Chris Archer
    Frank De Los Santos
    Hak Ju Lee
    Tyler Bortnick
    Jacob Thompson
    Merrill Kelly
    Derek Dietrich
    Philip Wunderlich
    C.J. Riefenhauser

  13. The only "opinion" list that matters is in the Rays Farm Director's office. And that list is built on performance and expectation with level of play, and age considerations factored in.
    So wait and see after Spring Training to know for sure.

  14. The only reason Taylor Guerrieri isn't on my list is because he is based on potential. He has yet to make his offical pro start. I don't put guys on my list that haven't played yet. I think he is a great ballplayer just want to see him in some pro games first.

  15. not one of you have mentioned cody rogers

  16. I believe Guerrieri will be a great pitcher, he was supposed to be a top 10 pick but dropped right in our lap

  17. Ranking players is always subjective, tough to compare a player with no experience to an 18 year old in low A or to a 22 year old in AA. But it it about the conversation. My gut is that if they can find a position for Dietrich he could be on the Rays in a couple years, but I only see the players sporadically as well. And I agree, the scouting people are the ones who matter, and they have daily reports.

  18. You base everything on K's and velocity for pitchers and you miss many pitch to contact types that will exceed alot of these boys. If you don't have movement you better throw 98-100 or it will be turned around. Even then you better be able to throw offspeed stuff on fastball counts...

    I have a feeling this list will change dramatically!

  19. Geez, I know he has struggled but has Justin O'Conner really fallen off the prospect radar or is this just indicative of our depth on the farm?

  20. Probably, or really, definitely the youngest, most high ceiling top 25 in the history of the org. Other opinions may rank players in different orders but my first sentence will probably still hold true. This will be an interesting season. On paper, Princeton should have dominated. Guys like Sale and O'Connor need to show something.