Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rays 2011 Spring Training Full Broadcast Schedule

Note: this is complete with the exception of Baltimore's radio schedule, which doesn't appear to have been released yet:

So just six games are going completely uncovered:
2/28 vs. Pittsburgh
3/1 @ Baltimore
3/7 @ Pittsburgh
3/8 vs. Toronto
3/9 @ Netherlands (at Al Lang)
3/9 vs. Toronto

Three games are only being broadcast by the opponents, so they won't be available locally in the Tampa/St. Pete area:
3/4 @ Minnesota
3/16 @ Florida
3/24 @ Houston

Seven games are only available via internet streaming on, which I believe requires a Gameday Audio or subscription or the MLB At Bat app to listen to:
3/2 @ Toronto
3/3 vs. New York
3/10 vs. Boston (televised on SunSports)
3/11 vs. Pittsburgh
3/23 vs. Philadelphia (televised on SunSports)
3/25 vs. Pittsburgh
3/29 @ Boston

Five games are on the Rays television network:
3/10 vs. Boston
3/15 vs. Florida
3/18 vs. Boston
3/21 vs. New York
3/23 vs. Philadelphia

With five other games being broadcast on the opponents' television network:
3/6 @ Philadelphia
3/12 @ Philadelphia
3/13 @ Toronto
3/28 @ New York
3/30 vs. Toronto (at the Trop... anyone else find it weird Toronto is broadcasting this but not the Rays?)

Those five games would be available with an subscription, though it's possible the MLB Network picks one or two up to show.

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  1. For the March 1st game against Baltimore I'd try WBAL-AM 1090, they are the Orioles new flagship station (as of February 8th, may be why no schedule available yet).