Sunday, February 26, 2012

Future Considerations Podcast (Episode 16: Kevin Goldstein on the Rays System & Baseball Fandom, Top 100 List Talk)

With Kevin Goldstein's Rays Top 11 list out, the BaseballProspectus prospect guru comes on the podcast to talk about the state of the system and sticks around to cover a ton of other stuff: why he hates every single team in baseball (or not), why fans react to some moves the way they do, the coolness of being "the prospect guy," and more. After the break, Kevin and Scott take a look at where some Rays ranked in the major top 100 lists (BaseballAmerica, ESPN's Keith Law, and Goldstein's) and which prospects they thought were too high or too low on each list.

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  1. Excellent listen but at the 57 min mark it becomes completely incoherent. Is that happening to everyone or just me?

  2. Anon, I'm not able to replicate that error (unless by incoherent you mean I start rambling without a point :P). Try right clicking and saving the mp3 file.

  3. Excellent podcast, Kevin. Great that you got Kevin Goldstein to join you two. What a coup!