Sunday, October 9, 2011

Future Considerations Podcast (Episode 4: Prospect Lists, Arizona Fall League, Playoff Postmortem)

The Rays season has ended, but the podcast rolls on. Prospects are back in action with seven Rays farmhands playing in the Arizona Fall League, so Kevin and Scott talk about the action so far. The offseason is also list season, and the guys break down who made and didn't make the BaseballAmerica League Top 20 lists. They wrap up with a final look back at the Rays-Rangers ALDS, LCS previews, and wonder just how important "shadows" are.

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  1. Guys, get us an update on how guys are looking in the Florida instructional league. That info. is extremely difficult to come by. The instructional league team has all of our top picks from the past couple years. Also, Oscar Hernandez is there. Would be interesting to hear how those guys are looking.

  2. Chirinos broke his hand in winter ball today

  3. Unfortunately it's equally hard for us to come by. I know Jim has occasionally stopped by in the past, if he's able to do something like that this year he'll certainly post what he sees. Some other commenters have posted their thoughts if they've gotten out there, and we always appreciate that.

  4. I was not able to get out to a instructional league game this year. Because of work, I typically go to away games in Sarasota during my lunch break. This year's schedule only had one road game against the O's and I was busy that day and could not make it over there.

    I would have loved to catch a few games because that was one of the best FIL rosters I have seen in a while. A whole bunch of talent with that group.