Friday, January 7, 2011

RP 2011 Prospect Guide Update

I've been plugging away on the RP 2011 Prospect Guide (which was introduced here), and wanted to update everyone on the progress as well as what to expect:

The goal is still to release a version in mid-to-late February, just before Spring Training games start, and then a second version the first week of April, just before the Minor League season begins. The first version will contain profiles on nearly 200 players. Our top 15 hitters and pitchers will have a full page profile, essentially a blown-out version of the profiles we've been posting on the site. We'll also have predictions for the 2011 season and a fun projected top 30 for next off-season. We'll have longer feature stories on players including Matt Moore and Tim Beckham (and others yet to be decided), plus a look ahead at the 2011 draft, but these may not be ready to go in the first release. The second version will have affiliate previews for the four full-season teams as their rosters begin to take shape.

So stay tuned and look out for this in mid-February!


  1. Looks like there will be 4 more to write about, and 2 to delete. I like what I've read about the 4 prospects we're getting from the Cubs, not that I knew anything about them before today. As far as the two leaving, Cork says Fernando Perez is the OF, which is fine. The other player is reportedly a pitcher, hopefully no one important. We'll have to wait and see, but unless it's one of our top starters, I'm fine with the trade.

  2. Im sure some one fels they are important :)

  3. You know what I meant :). I'm actually disappointed it was Rosscup, young effective leftie starter. Didn't throw real hard yet, but could still develop. Big question was how he would handle full-season ball and the big increase in innings.

    I guess given the alternatives that we could have lost I'm ok with it. And best of luck to Zach.

  4. I actually expected to see Cobb, Barnese Moore or Torres, So we did okay and Yes I know what you meant. Just couldnt help myself.