Friday, January 28, 2011

Rays Sign Kotchman, Delaney

Kotchman source

Delaney source

Kotchman is the bigger name, obviously, but it's Delaney who will be on the 40-man roster as he was a waiver claim. Kotchman spent most of the 2010 season in the big leagues for Seattle, but hit just .217/.280/.336. He could have the inside track for Durham's 1B job assuming Leslie Anderson works as an outfielder.


  1. More Signings??? Over the past few years, TB has had really high picks in the draft, and was heralded as a top farm team. This year, it seems as though TB has forgotten all that and is signing players, from other teams, left and right. Have they given up on their 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 draft picks? Are more current TB players going to be released with all the other guys now joining TB? (Plus, we also have a huge group of 2011 draft picks.) This could be an interesting Spring Training.

  2. If Leslie Anderson plays the OF in Durham, then there's an open 1B spot for Kotchman. Plus with much of Durham's bullpen leaving (Thayer, Bateman, Abreu, etc) there's room for Delaney.

  3. This happens every year. We always sign a lot of players to fill out AAA and AA rosters, esp AAA. Lots of AAAA types that may be able to help at MLB if needed. If anything, it seems like this offseason we've signed more players from outside the org than in the past. Other years we always seemed to resign a lot of our own milb free agents. I haven't gone back and looked at each years signings, just a gut feeling from memory.

    As far as the guys from the recent drafts, they aren't at the AAA level yet, so this has no impact on them. And guys picked in 2011 likely won't even reach full-season A ball, so again, no affect on them.

  4. Delaney is a good pick up. He has a very good command and slider and can be a good long-reliver despite of slightly below-average fastball. And He has two opitons left. It seemed Rays claim only someone who has options left.

    Durham's Bullpen has good depth again with Cory Wade, Jonah Bayliss, Dirk Hayhurst, R.J. Swindle. Dane De La Rosa, Brandon Gomes. But I hope one more LHRP singing.

  5. I like these 2 signings alot.. Kotchman could be a great at 1B for us - his D may be able to win him that spot if he can keep that avg up at least .265

    Then again last year I thought Blaylock would be an awesome signing too.. haha

  6. I like these signings. We seem to have a modest hole at first base right up through the system and I'm very unimpressed with Anderson. We started with a crowd at first base in Durham last year and it, mostly, worked out for both the Rays and the Bulls. And look at the price, they really got a bargain with Kotchman even if they end up dumping him later.

    So who's going under the bus when Damon/Ramirez go on the 40-man? Ruggiano? And?

  7. Hole at 1B? Don't short-change Sheridan. He raised his OBP 40 points going from A to A+, and was voted by the FSL coaches as the best defensive 1B in the FSL in 2010. Wunderlich also showed promise at HV. I hope the organization shows some patience and lets these two guys develop. Kotchman is at best a filler for the departed Chris Richard.