Friday, January 7, 2011

The New Guys: Archer, Chirinos, Guyer, Lee

Just some quick stuff for now, I'll have more later tonight once I'm off work. I just sort of grabbed stuff real quick for now:

Chris Archer, RHP:
Rated #3 in the Cubs system by Kevin Goldstein: "Perfect World Projection: He could be a good third starter with better stuff than results, or a late-inning reliever."

Rated #1 in the Cubs system and #9 in the Southern League by BaseballAmerica: "He projects as a frontline starter if he refines his command, and he easily has the stuff and poise to become a closer."

Robinson Chirinos, C:
Rated #12 in the Cubs system by Goldstein: "This converted infielder is improving defensively, and he can really hit."

Didn't make the BA Cubs Top 10. He moved from the middle infield to catcher in 2008.

Brandon Guyer, OF:
Rated #11 by Goldstein: "Despite his numbers, scouting reports on Guyer are far from glowing. His athleticism leaves him a bit short in center, and his power doesn't qualify well for a corner." Kind of a tweener but his numbers were great.

Rated #10 by BA: "He's aggressive in all phases of the game, which hurts him at the plate because he makes contact so easily that he doesn't draw many walks. He knows how to use his quickness on the bases, swiping 30 bags in 33 tries last year"

Hak-Ju Lee, SS:
Rated #5 by Goldstein: "Lee has all the tools to be a major-league shortstop. Offensively, he works the count effectively while utilizing a line-drive swing that leads to consistent contact rates." Short on power.

Rated #4 by BA: "Managers rated Lee the best defensive shortstop in the low Class A Midwest League in 2010. He has quick reactions, good range to both sides and a strong arm"


  1. So, bascially Stone Crabs and Biscuits? -Rome

  2. Wow.. why not a bag of bats and balls too thrown in too!

    Rays got shafted for our number 2 starter.

  3. Man I was really hoping for Brett Jackson. I guess the CUbs wanted to hold on to him that bad. ANd I, like a lot of people, like Chrinos. He could probaly make it up to the majors mid season if they start him in AAA. Yay another top pitching prospect! Who was considered better between him an Mcnutt? Somewhat sad to see Nando go, but it happens. Does he have at least a chance to start at CHicago?

  4. Geo, no.

    Just... no.

  5. Agreed Hatfield, but I can see where someone focused on the MLB team alone would think like Geo. Around here we obviously focus on the entire system, so different priorities.

    Hard to really judge the trade until we know all of the parts, is Perez the OF, who is the pitcher? Once those are known it will become a little more into focus, but even then, I know nothing about the guys we are getting other than BA/BP/Sickels, and the age-to-level on 2 of them are concerns. We'll see what Kevin says later this evening, sure to be evenhanded.

  6. Pitcher Cobb or Moore?

  7. I like tracking and keeping tabs on the young guys and the MILB talent.. but to lose your number 2 starter for a few over the hill MILB players and a few prospects isnt exactly what The Rays need, especially with the Cubs still holding their top prospects and getting a solid number 2 starter in return.

  8. The other pitcher is Zach Rosscup.

  9. Does Zac know this yet? lol