Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 Tampa Bay Rays ZiPS Projections

Tampa Bay RaysDan Szymborski has posted his projections for the Rays in 2009 at BBTF. His summary: "There's every indication that the Rays can repeat their success. The offense, which is generally very young with the exception of Carlos Pena and Pat Burrell, isn't one of the elite offenses in the league, but they're good enough everywhere and have a lot of depth. At almost every position, there's a player that could fill-in for the starter and, while not necessarily replacing the missing production, not be a complete embarrassment.

The pitching staff and the defensive improvement is the team's biggest strength. The pitching staff is extremely young and extremely deep, with ZiPS seeing a full rotation with a few spare starters, even before taking into account development of Hellickson and Rollins and the return of Clockhands McGee from Tommy John surgery."

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  1. They are gonna be stacked once they get Clockhands McGee back!