Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowy Notes

SnowflakeSorry for the lack of posts, I've been shoveling snow. Bill Chastain has this from Rays scouting director R.J. Harrison on the 2009 draft: "Because I don't anticipate David Price or Tim Beckham being available," Harrison said. "Those kinds of tools aren't available at No. 30. I mean, if they are, then the industry hasn't really recognized it or it might be a situation where it's a young guy that has been identified as being a very difficult to sign player.

"But I think that in most Drafts -- and the numbers can change each year -- after you get past that first handful of guys -- and the further you get from that handful of guys -- you have a chance to get a similar type talent, tools, with the 30th pick as you do with someone in the teens."

Ed Edmonds continues his look at salary arbitration at the Sports Law Blog: "Many observers of the process focus on the teams and players that proceed to a hearing first and the group that exchanges numbers second. This ignores all of the cases that are settled either before the exchange of figures or prior to a hearing. Look at some of these recent figures -

Year - Cases Filed - Cases Settled - Number of Hearings

2005 - 89 - 86 - 3 (Teams won 2 out of the 3)
2006 - 100 - 94 - 6 (Teams won 4 out of the 6)
2007 - 106 - 99 - 7 (Teams won 4 out of the 7)
2008 - 110 - 102 - 8 (Teams won 6 out of the 8)"

Predictions on how the Rays will fare with Aybar and Navarro?

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