Saturday, August 9, 2008

David Price promoted to Durham

Lancaster has the story:

SEATTLE—David Price was told after Montgomery’s game tonight that he has been promoted to Durham.

Last year’s top draft pick will make his Triple-A debut for the Bulls on Wednesday against Norfolk.

He went 7-0 with a 1.89 ERA in nine starts for the Biscuits after going 4-0 with a 1.82 ERA in six starts for Vero Beach to open his first professional season.

Price likely will be called up to the majors at some point this season, with the only question being whether the Rays will use him as a starter or in relief, a la Joba Chamberlain. But he’ll at least have a chance to sample three levels of the minors before getting to that point...and maybe even lose a game someday. You never know…

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  1. Nice scoop. I just hit enter and you had a better story, good work!