Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best Tools

Several Rays minor leaguers were judged by Baseball America to have the best tools in their league. (Full season leagues only.)

AAA International League
Fastest Baserunner - Fernando Perez
Best Changeup - Mitch Talbot
Best Defensive Shortstop - Reid Brignac
(former Rays outfielder Jason Pridie won for Best Defensive Outfielder)

AA Southern League
Best Control - Jeremy Hellickson

A+ Florida State League
Best Pitching Prospect - David Price
Best Control - Jeremy Hellickson

Price has obviously moved up, and up again. Hellickson with the best control in two leagues is impressive. Expect him to be on everyones Top 50 prospects heading into next year. And it's nice to see Talbot get some recognition, he's often overlooked with all the great arms in our system.