Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The End Of The Line

As the World Series ends, we typically begin the heavy legwork here on the site - ranking prospects, debating tools, wondering what publication X was thinking. But not this off-season. Instead, we've decided to cease further updates. RaysProspects has come to an end.

You've surely noticed the decline in posting frequency over the last year or so. With that in mind, we discussed whether we would be able to do more, and when we decided that we wouldn't be able to bring you the coverage we want to, we felt it right to bring the site to an end rather than continuing on with sporadic updates.

This is a weird post to write for me. I had started two (Devil) Rays blogs a long time ago, and both died in a month. I just simply stopped updating. I'm confident if I had started RaysProspects on my own, it would have met a similar fate. But it was Doug who created the site and graciously brought me aboard, and he was the driving force behind the scenes throughout much of the life of the blog. I'm forever thankful for him giving me the chance to join and create something I'm truly proud of.

It was also Doug who brought Jim aboard, whose contributions to the site are more valuable than I can express here. His daily (and end-of-year) recaps, his excellent photography, and his boots-on-the-ground ability to bring us instructional league rosters and other important information. All of that helped make the site complete and I thank him for that.

Other contributors have also helped make the site what it is during their times here: Andy Leslie and Jake Larsen helped with prospect coverage, Nick Hanson provided photography and local updates from Charlotte, RZ and BurGi covered the stats side of the game.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the readers and commenters. You were the lifeblood of the site, even if we didn't see eye-to-eye all the time (one last Henry Wrigley debate for the road?). So much valuable information came from the commenters, and I know we all loved interacting with the readers. We tallied over 1.25 million page views in our five years here, a number that blows my mind. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to read and comment over the years.

Some final updates:
The podcast will be continuing, as will my once-per-week writing at DRaysBay. You can follow me on Twitter @KevinGengler for any updates.

Doug is also on Twitter: @DougMilhoan.

Jim's photography sites to check out: Donten Photography and his baseball galleries.

The @RaysProspects Twitter account may still be updated from time to time.

The website will remain open; we're not taking anything offline. So you'll be still able to access all of our archives.

Thank you, everybody, for five awesome years.


  1. Thank you very much Doug, Kevin and Jim for the ride and for letting me put my thoughts and analysis out on this site. I also want to thank the readers very much for reading and commenting on what I had to say.

    All the best, Burgi

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed this site, your insight, and everything else that went into this site and all of the info you passed on. I'm sorry to see it end but thank you nonetheless.

    Ricky C

  3. Thanks for the great work. I will miss this site. I read it every day.

  4. It was a great run and I was glad to be a part of it. Got to meet a great bunch of people along the way and watch the careers of some talented players get going in the minor league system.

    Personally, the site for me was a place to escape the real world troubles I was facing with our foreclosure. When things were getting bad at home, I could find a safe haven on the site. The great friendships here helped me get through some rough times.

    As for me, I will continue to keep my photography site up and running. Photography is what got me into RP and it is what I will continue to do after RP. My full photography site is or the photo gallery site is I may try and keep Claw Digest up and running but my schedule hasn't been to cooperative for that project lately.

    I wish everyone the best. Thanks for the great time.

  5. Thanks for the hard work. As a Rays fan this is truly a sad day. I look forward to continuing to read Kevin's work and I really hope the rest of the staff chimes in over at DRB at least in Kevin's weekly post. Thanks again.

  6. I really liked the site. Thanks!

  7. Loved the site and I'm crazy sad to see it end. Thank you so much for all the great things everyone has posted here the last five years. Good luck to everyone involved!

  8. Guys thanks for all the great work. It will be sorely missed.

  9. Very sad to see this site go. Can't tell you how many times I was helped by insights into players coming up to the Bulls and sheer baseball knowledge. Nothing quite like you guys. Please keep on checking out WDBB and keeping me honest. Hope to see you elsewhere on the web.

    Thank you!!!

  10. I didn't read the site every day, but got referred here by a link every other week or so. Always good work and nice to have perspectives outside of what I normally get. Thanks for the years of content and good luck to all involved with the site's production.

  11. I have read this site nearly every day for the last 5 years. And i have never posted. Good job guys, and I wish you the best.
    sad to see it go. it was like my cup of coffee in the morning

  12. Sorry To Hear The News ! I definetly didn't agree with you most f the time....but I appreciated all your hard work and great coverage of the Rays farmhands.
    With Henry Wrigley not being put on the 40 man roster and most likely signing elsewhere....then I can fully understand why you no longer have the motivation or material to maintain this site !
    I was so looking forward in saying I Told You So...when Wrigs makes it to the Bigs ! HaHa
    Good Luck Guys !

  13. Just wanted to say thanks to all the guys who made this site such a success. Doug, Kevin, Jim, and everyone else, great job.

    I apologize for the lack of anything from me over the last few years, I moved to Vermont in August of 2010 and unfortunately, there has been a bit of a disconnect for me when it comes to the Rays. I was able to see a few of the guys I had a chance to photograph in the Gulf Coast League in 2009 this summer when Hudson Valley came to Vermont to play in the NYPL, that was a pleasure. Also, I was able to talk with Alex Cobb, Matt Moore, and Stephen Vogt this summer at Fenway Park, it's great to see former Stone Crabs making it big time.

    Good luck to all of our prospects, both current and former. Writing and photographing for this site has given me a great chance to know some great guys, who will be successes both on and off the diamond.

    Again, thanks everyone.


  15. I saw that Derick Dietrich was traded to the Marlins and popped over here to see what your take was. Sadly, I found this post.

    This was one of the top baseball sites on the Internet imho. It was objective and fair. Not sure if any other site provided the detail on the development of minor league players as was done here.

    I can't thank you enough for the fair treatment you provided for my son while he was a member of the Rays. Please keep him in your thoughts as he pursues his dream of playing in the big leagues.

    All the best to each one of you in the future and Merry Christmas!

  16. Sorry to see that you guys went down, did enjoy your posts in the past. I've just started my own baseball blog as well ( and know how much of a toll it can take on your time. I see it a lot like your fantasy league - some days you don't even want to set your lineup, while other days you're proposing 20 different trades. Interests wane, but maybe we'll see you guys around again sometime.


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