Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 Year in Review: Charlotte Stone Crabs (Pitching)

This week we will continue our look back at the 2012 season by taking a look at the pitching leaders of each affiliate. Today we will focus on the pitching stats of the Charlotte Stone Crabs.

1. Zach Butler (0.00)
2. Matt Nevarez (0.57)
3. Chris Rearick (1.79)
4. Kyle Farnsworth (2.25)
5. Jimmy Patterson (2.82)

1. Jimmy Patterson (8)
2. CJ Riefenhauser (7)
3. Braulio Lara (6)
3. Victor Mateo (6)
5. Albert Suarez (5)
5. Eliazer Suero (5)

1. Chris Rearick (20, fourth in FSL)
2. TJ Geith (2)
2. Lenny Linsky (2)
2. Jimmy Patterson (2)

1. TJ Geith (7)
2. Jimmy Patterson (5)
3. Eliazer Suero (3)
4. Nate Garcia (2)
4. Lenny Linsky (2)

1. Enny Romero (107, sixth in FSL)
2. CJ Riefenhauser (103, seventh in FSL)
3. Braulio Lara (82)
4. Victor Mateo (72)
5. Albert Suarez (62)

1. Matt Nevarez (0.38)
2. Kyle Farnsworth (0.75)
3. Jimmy Patterson (1.00)
4. TJ Geith (1.09)
5. Chris Rearick (1.10)


  1. Patterson and Rearick had a great season!

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