Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Training Radio & TV

Via Roger Mooney, here are the games that will be broadcast on radio:
Wed., March 3 at Orioles,
Fri., March 5 at Yankees,
Sat., March 6 vs. Red Sox, WDAE & network
Sun., March 7 at Phillies, WDAE & network
Wed., March 10 at Red Sox,
Fri., March 12 vs. Phillies,
Sat., March 13 vs. Marlins, WDAE & network
Sun., March 14 at Tigers, WDAE & network
Tues., March 16 vs. Red Sox, WFLA & network
Thurs., March 18 at Yankees, WFLA & network
Fri., March 19 vs. Yankees, WFLA & network
Sat., March 20 vs. Twins, WDAE & network
Sun., March 21 at Twins, WDAE & network
Sun., March 21 at Pirates, WDAE & network
Tues., March 23 at Phillies,
Sat., March 27 at Astros, WDAE & network
Sun., March 28 vs. Pirates, WDAE & network
Mon., March 29 at Red Sox, WDAE & network
Fri., April 2 vs. Mets, WFLA & network
Also according to Mooney, three games will be televised. Below is a list of all Rays televised games, either on the Rays network or another(theoretically all of these would be available on, except maybe the ESPN game, not sure about national broadcasts):

March 5 at Yankees, YES Network
March 18 at Yankees, YES Network
March 19 vs. Yankees, SunSports
March 21 at Pirates, FSN-Pittsburgh
March 21 at Minnesota, WFTC29
March 23 at Phillies, Comcast Network
March 25 at Twins, SunSports
March 29 at Red Sox, NESN
March 30 vs. Red Sox, ESPN
April 1 vs. Baltimore, SunSports

This list should be accurate for all local broadcasts(plus the one ESPN), MLB Network still has not announced their TV schedule.


  1. I don't understand why every game isn't on the radio and more games aren't on tv. Especially the weekend games.

  2. My guess is that the networks don't want to pay for a full production team(announcers, producers, etc) for spring training games that not many people are going to be watching(hence, the expected ad revenue doesn't justify paying money to produce the games). That's just a guess/theory.